Friday, May 1, 2009


We are delighted to have you over at Time Warp Wives. We thank all for your emails and your many comments!

Spring is definitively here! With all the beautiful blooms, lovely spring dresses and yes a lot of sneezing. And as good etiquette to always use ones mouth or a tissue when sneezing.

Would you like to sneeze with style? You will look so lovely if you had a lace handkerchief. I always wanted my own embroidered handkerchief with my initials. At The Handkerchief Place they have a great selections of hankies that your little nose would love.

I will be starting my own vegetable and herb garden, yay! I am so looking forward in utilizing my little garden. I just love the thought of picking out my own herbs and veggies for that days super. And seasoning the food with fresh herbs is the best. Now that the air is warmer for many of us, have you thought of starting your own garden? And for those that my be heading towards winter. There is always the indoor garden. For inspiration in starting your own garden I am sure that you are going to love Skippy's Vegetable Garden blog!

Last month Retrotimes Productions presented its second film Art Deco Festival Bloopers, which was filmed in the beautiful South Beach, Florida. This small film is a preview of our Art Deco film that will be coming soon!

We are so excited to announce our third man interview! Meet Trevlin, a passionate and adventurous man who appreciates the old-fashion and that feels that his whole life is a vintage event.

Last month, we had an interview with Miss Red Lips! Read about her passion for wearing red lips and her love for vintage living. Read about the star and author of the "My 1955 Year"! You are going to learn, enjoy, and get inspired as this 50’s Gal discovers the beauty and challenges of being a successful homemaker.
Our second guy interview with Mark Davids was surely enjoyable. Find out Mark's thoughts on being a true gentleman. We also have enjoyed reading about all our amazing guest stories.

If you haven't yet read our previous guest interview you are welcome to do so at our Interview Page.

Di Kaye, Artist from England known for her spectacular Art Deco prints will be exhibiting in Florida at Delray Beach Craft Festival in May 23-24th, 2009! For more information visit Di Kaye Artwork website.

Do you want to enjoy some great music?

The Cicada Club , in Los Angeles is hosting the following retro events:

May 3- Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys.
May 10- Chester Whitmore's Central Avenue Reveu.
May 17- Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five.

And if you can't make it to one of the Cicada Club shows you can still watch a broadcast of their show live or recorded. And don't forget, that during the whole month of June the Cicada Club will be closed for private parties.

So dear visitors it is always a pleasure having you over. Oh and don't forget to drop a note once in a while. We would love to hear from you!


Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

P.S. Many of you may perhaps are familiar with my personal blog the The Retrochic Corner. I am pleased to announce that I will be posting new content. I have updated my blog's design concept. There are new things coming our way, so stay tuned!

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