Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Welcome guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

Hello to all of our wonderful friends out there. How did Black Friday and Cyber Monday treat you? Did you survive the shopping craze with dignity? Where you nice and polite with others as you frantically ran through the aisle while looking for that last pair of Mary Janes shoes?

When stressful situations arise the least and hardest thing that one might think of is etiquette. Our emotions can get the better of us when we are stressed out. Trying to hold our compulsion when dealing with a rude person can become a real challenge.

Isn't it true though that being kind and respectful at all times is what etiquette is all about. Yes, it is in such situations that our good manners and etiquette can be tested. In a way going through such challenges can make us equipped to be able to handle whatever thing comes our way. And at the end one the most valuable gift that we can give to our kids, neighbors, and family is the gift of good manners. Now that is priceless!

And talking about shopping, how are your tootsies and fingers doing? Are they still hurting? Perhaps it is time to treat yourself for a much needed pedicure and manicure. Oh yes just the thought of soaking our hands and feet in warm soapy water can be so relaxing.

And after we are all relax and happy why not add some colour to your pretty nails. Jane Bryant costume designer for Mad Men have collaborated with Nailtini and now she has her own nail polish collection. The colors in the Jane Bryant Collection was actually inspired by vintage fabrics. Aren't the colours of these nail polishes scrumptious? We are sure that you are be wowed this fantastic collection.

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Hope that you have a great and safe winter. And don't forget to drop us a note once in a while.We would love to hear from you!

Best Wishes!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

Time Warp Wives Mail Box

One of our Time Warp Wives readers recently email us a question:

I’m having a retro wedding next new years eve (Dec 31, ’11). Was wondering if you have any starter ideas – I’m in the initial stages of planning. I will have big band era music, and all things vintage. - Kelsey

Dear Kelsey,

Congratulations on your wedding! How wonderful that you want to do an all vintage wedding! For starter ideas I recommend The Knot website on Vintage wedding:

Here are some ideas of in making a vintage wedding:

One of my favorite things in planning any wedding is choosing a theme. I absolutely love the idea of staging a wedding theme around your favorite old movie, music, or era.

I for instance love the Art Deco era! Can you imagine the men wearing hats and women wearing beautiful feather hair pieces? It would be just like in the movies!

If you can afford renting an antique car on your big day would be great! Taking black and white photos while you are in the car would be absolutely fantastic! The best memorable vintage pictures that I have seen are of the couple seating in the antique car as they leaving to their destination.

I hope that you find the articles in The Knot useful. Best Wishes! - Carmen

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