Monday, August 1, 2011


Welcome dear guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

How are you all doing? We hope that you have been enjoying the lovely month of August. Although for many of us the heat of the Summer have been almost unbearable, we all seem to find some time to enjoy the great outdoors, even if it is in the evening for a minute or two to grab a pair of dry socks from the clothes line.

And talking about the great outdoors you all are cordially invited to attend one of our favorites Summer events of the year! Yes, I am totally excited to let you all know that the 27th Annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon event is just around the corner!

On the second Sunday in September the Art Deco Society of California hosts its annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon at the historic Dunsmuir Helman House in Oakland California.

The Gatsby Summer Afternoon lets several hundred aficionados of the 1920s and 30s step back to a time when elegance was a way of life and the Charleston and Fox Trot were all the rage. This is not a spectator event; every guest is part of the scene in their vintage best. From 1-6 p.m. the panoramic Dunsmuir front lawn becomes the stage on which all participants play, picnic, dance, and sip champagne; reminiscent of a scene from The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous novel of 1925.

For more information about the event and how to Gatsby you are welcome to visit: Art Deco Society.

Have you seen the new commercial for the new ABC show Pan Am? Being that I have worked in the travel industry and love all things retro I was intrigued about the show. So I went ahead and read and saw bits of the pilot episode. After I had made my assessment I concluded that this show is not that all family friendly.

It is so unfortunate that more and more T.V. networks are pushing away shows that all the family can enjoy together. Whatever happened to movie nights when parents and kids can come together and watch a wholesome fun show?

Okay so the show wasn't meant for the whole family to watch. But when we do watch some of the other "family" shows I am in shocked but what these T. V. people are getting away with. Some of us that do still enjoy clean entertainment find it almost impossible to find a show that doesn't have some explicit content. Oh, because cable networks have had success on such shows now the regular T. V. network decided that they too could push the envelop as well.

Call me old fashion or antiquated, I do appreciate a great story that has love, drama, and adventure. But do I or any other decent human being have to be entertained by shows that makes us women look cheap and indecent. What are we teaching our children? No, it is unacceptable! Let's bring back some R. E. S. P. E. C. T. folks!

See ya all later! And don't forget to drop us a line once in while. We would love to hear from you!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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