Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Welcome dear guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

We hope that you are all enjoying the good old days in this month of February! It's great to hear what folks have been doing lately to enjoy some form of recreation without having to spend an arm or a leg. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to have fun.

Here at our Time Warp Wives Headquarters we had to readjust how we spend our pennies. And you know what? We have enjoyed great recreation without any added worries and wrinkles to our lovely faces.

For instance hubby and I were able to visit Mickey the other day without paying for the entrance fee. How did we do that? Well if you have a friend that works at Disney they can arrange a special free pass for you. That day we started at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Then we hopped to Magic Kingdom. And we finished our lovely evening watching the fireworks at the Epcot center. We were able to visit three parks that day! Isn't that fantastic!

We of course had to pay for our meals: two smoked turkey legs, an apple, two bottles of water, an ice cream, two sodas, and two Chinese diners. But by the end of the day we still had money in our wallets, a satisfied tummy, a smile in our faces, and a twinkle in our eyes. Very nice!

Talking about a happy face. Since I turned 40 I have been more than ever aware of my beauty regimen. My face has dramatically changed this past year. Besides getting older I am also dealing with thyroid and adrenal glands issues, which has wiped me out completely. And my face well, has been looking pretty tired and drabby lately.

For years I have been using cold creams. But I wanted to look for something that would make my face feel smoother and softer. While at Target I wanted to check for Boots brand. I have heard of their magnificent products for quite some time, especially the No 7 face cream. But of course they were out! I was disappointed that I couldn't purchase that cream that day.

So then I came across Boots Original Beauty Products. I was intrigued about Boots Vanishing Day Cream so I decided to try it. And I am happy that I did!  After I applied the cream to my face I noticed an immediate difference! My face was as smooth as a baby's bottom. The difference with this particular cream and other that I had used is that this cream has a lasting effect. The rose scent is also very delightful. And now I am hooked! Just the other day I was worried that I was running out of my cream. I told my husband that I had to go to target soon before my special facial cream ran out.

The Boots Vanishing  Cream usually sells for 11 bucks. So when hubby took me to Target that day I was excited because they had a clearance sell! So I brought home two face creams and a body cream. Like the face cream the Boots Body Cream is also exceptionally wonderful!  Every night after I shower I lather myself with the body cream. The body cream has Patchouli and Lavender which is very relaxing and soothing. After each use my body feels hydrated and soft.

Are you a social network junkie? Time Warp Wives was once part of the social media frenzy. We were once part of Myspace, Ning, Facebook, and, Doesn't all this action make you dizzy? Well it sure made us dizzy. Last year we decided to declutter our social places to just a few. At the moment you will find us at Twitter. And as for our Time Warp Living network at Grouply were are thinking of finding yet another more suitable home.

So how does it feel after the decluttering?  It feels quite liberating I have to say! Now we can concentrate on the most important things! You should try it for yourself.

Don't forget to drop a line once in a while. We would love to hear from you!

See ya later toots!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson


  1. Declutter... yes, I totally agree! The monthly TWW newsletter is perfect. It not only fits into my modern busy life, but is more in keeping with a vintage lifestyle. Thank you for all you do, Vintage Gams

  2. You welcome! We are thrilled to hear that you enjoy our monthly letter!


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