Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome our friends to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

It is chilly out there folks! We hope that you are taking your vitamin C and washing your hands several times a day. Like they say, prevention is the best medication. Other than that, we hope that you are enjoying these beautiful winter days!

In this new month of January, at our Time Warp Wives headquarters, we are looking forward in getting our websites organized with new projects and ideas. So we have an exciting announcement to make:

In order for us to achieve and maintain a level of quality and excellency, we are looking for prospect Time Warp Wives Interns that would be in charge of our Network Websites. These ones will have administrative and secretarial duties.

Here are several perks that you will receive if you become a Time Warp Wives Intern:

1- After the first month of your internship you will receive a Time Warp Wives Gift Basket. Included in your gift basket will be vintage and retro items for you and your home.

2- In addition to the gift basket, you will also receive a certificate of recognition for your hard work.

3- You will have the opportunity in getting your websites or blogs featured in our websites.

4- You will also enjoy learning how to run and design a successful online company.

5- And last but not least, you will find it rewarding in helping us to build our little vintage home.

If you would like to become a Time Warp Wives Intern. Or if you would like to find out more details, please email us at In January 31, 2010 we will be making our selections. And by February 1, 2010, we will be making the announcement of our new interns. We would love to have you over!

So we are excited to announce our short film, "My Life As a Retro Artist!" In this film you will see part of the Art Deco Festival and other places that we filmed during this year. We had the wonderful opportunity in being interviewed for Cnn Ireport. Also while your are there, you may want to also visit the other folks that also had their stories on the Cnn Ireport. So get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

Now the 33rd Art Deco Festival 2010 is coming soon! The dates are January 15-17, 2010. The theme for this coming year is: ART DECO CELEBRATES THE MOTORCAR. So for all those vintage car lovers out there, this is a show for you. The whole Ocean Drive will be lined up with beautiful one of the kind cars that you will ever see. For more information you may visit their website at the: Miami Design Preservation League.

And for all of you old movies fans out there, TCM is having their very first Classic Film Festival! The dates for the festival are April 22-25, 2010. The reason that we are mentioning it right now is because you might miss out in purchasing your pass on time. So hurry, because they are going fast like hotcakes!

We are thrilled to announce our latest interviewee Debbie DeMarco! This gal found herself unemployed, but she took the opportunity and courage to start her own online cosmetics business, You will find Debbie's interview an inspiration for anyone
wanting to have a new start in life!

Our last interviewee for 2009 was with Gabriela Hernandez, founder and designer of Besame Cosmetics! You will admire this woman passion and determination and making a one of a kind beauty line and making it a business success!

Have you met our other guest interviews? You are welcome to do so at our Time Warp Wives Interview Page!

Want to enjoy some music while enjoying these January winter days? The Cicada Club is hosting just one events for this month.

Jan 17, 2010- Richard Halpern's Hollywood Cavalcade.

And if you can't attend any one of these events, you can still enjoy a live broadcast online!

So dear visitors it is always a pleasure having you over. Oh, and don't forget to drop a note once in a while. We would love to hear from you!

Have a winter month!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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