Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hello to all of my lovely guests. It is certainly nice having you over!

Believe it or not Spring is here! Of course for many of you it seems like Winter will never be over. But then when you least expected it you will hear the chirping of the little birds near your window. The sun as bright as ever!Then you you go out to your car and it's not silver anymore, because it's all cover up with yellow pollen. Then you smile because you know that Spring is finally here!

It's that time again for the much anticipated TCM Classic Film Festival 2014! I heard that there are a lot of goodies en stored for those who will attend this event.

Recognize the actress on the photo above? This is the non other than the lovely Shirley Jones in the 1955 fully restored film Oklahoma. For those who grew up in the seventies we used to watch her as the talented mom from the T.V. show the Partridge Family. Shirley will be one the many special guests attending this years festival. For more information of this event please visit: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/.

I love to wear cute fun dresses for the Spring. Unfortunately I can't fit into most of my dresses anymore! Since last year I have been gaining weight because of my thyroid ( the reason why I had to take a break from blogging).

I don't have a lot of clothes to start with. And that was the way I wanted it to be. You see years ago I built up my classic wardrobe, from dresses, to pants, to hats, to shoes. I kept my closet to a minimal of only clothes that I love and would wear all the time. In addition to that I learn to be happy with a few items. It took determination and a lot of self-control not to buy everything I saw at the store. As a matter of fact many times I would come back home with absolutely nothing. Once in a while of course I would splurge on a new red lipstick. I was happy with that!

Going back to my weight gain. My body has changed. Not only am I turning 43 years old this year and facing this ugly thyroid syndrome. The perimenopause started to show it's ugly face as well. Yes, my dear readers I am having to deal now with night sweats! I'm more moodier, more anxious, and currently I'm feeling the blues. Ugh!!! I'm a hot mess!

I have to accept and face the fact that for now I am getting old. Don't love it. But I rather be known as a fun old lady than a negative grumpy one. I have to embrace the reality and try to see some of the positive things of getting old. Let's see:

* More Confident
* Hopefully more Mature
* More Wiser. I love that!
* More Content
* Don't care much of what people say
* Happy with the little things in life
* Don't take myself too serious

Anyhow where was I? Oh yes, I love to wear cute fun dresses for the Spring. But because of my weight I hardly have anything from my closet to wear. I admit that I have been a little depressed about that. But Marilyn Monroe wasn't always fit you know. For instance when she filmed the movie Some Like It Hot, she had more curves than her other previous movies. And you know what she looked great! So at this phase I am the more curvier version of myself! So from now on you can call me Sugar!

With that said and done. Time to go shopping again!

It was certainly nice to see you again!

See you later toots!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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