Friday, May 1, 2015


Grace Kelly playing deck shuffleboard
Hello my lovely guests! I hope that you're having a nice Spring or Fall depending in what part of this amazing planet you are living in! It is certainly nice to have you over!

When preparing this months letter I thought about how I have never been in a cruise. I don't know what exactly is, but I simply am not interested in being in a ship in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere. I guess I feel like I'm a fish out of the water! Sorry Gilligan it's not personal!

Whenever I hear my friends and family taking a cruise I'm so excited for them. I love hearing there fun stories and what they did. I'm fascinated by these photos of cruises and their exotic locations. I find the ocean amazing. And when growing up we always went to the beach. But I still can't see myself going on a cruise. I'm just not into it.

However there has been a cruise that have struck my fancy. For years I have been keeping tract of this particular cruise. I have heard and seen how some people just loved the unique experience. Yes, I have talked about this cruise on my TWW LETTER many times.

So I had contemplated that maybe my hubby and I could perhaps give this cruise a try, if not this year well perhaps next year. The cruise is schedule to set sail this year on November 1-6, 2015. That's about 7 months from now.

The cruise ship is The Disney Magic and it's destination is to the Grand Cayman and Castaway Cay. Oh, yes how nice. An Island, drinking Pina Coladas. And it's all booked! What? Yes, you heard the cruise is all sold out!!! But we are only 7 months away and it's already filled? Yeap, you heard right the cruise already set sail. And if you are really that desperate in trying to get in you can join the waiting list. Ha you mean the looser list!

If you want to become a looser and join the TCM Classic Cruise ship be my guest. Next time I will make sure to book in as soon as I see the poster on their website. Sorry, sprinkles are for winners!

Latest in Twitter: If you read my recent tweet you most likely heard that I didn't get my classic Mailyn Bag. I was so bummed out about it. The Mailyn Bag It's now in backorder! Here we go again! Another waiting list!

I think that the reason why this Avon's Signature bag is so popular is because it looks like a Louis Vuitton. I also heard that it also looks like a Michael Kors bag. I could see a resemblance from both bags. I wish I could afford a Louis Vuitton! Anyhow I have to wait several more weeks before I could replace my old vintage bag. ( My daily vintage bag has obvious wear and tear. So while I was looking for a new bag to replace it I had to bring out my little black suede purse, which my wallet and phone can barely fit in). In the meanwhile I did receive my awesome black and white print scarf! I tell you that this scarf is absolutely luxurious! Go Avon!

Well, that's all folks!

Please if you sneeze just make sure to cover your mouth! Other than that please enjoy your stay. Thanks.

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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