Monday, November 1, 2010


Welcome our friends to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

November is here and the fall season in the western hemisphere is in full swing. And what a great time to invite your friends over your home for some cocktails and Hors d'œuvre. Good company and great food always warms the heart in any season!

And while we enjoy some indoor activities we can lounge near the fire place with Lesly Blume's newest book Let's Bring Back. This nostalgic encyclopedia celebrates forgotten objects, curiosities, pastimes, fashions, words, landmarks, and personae from bygone eras! This book will be released on November 1, 2010. Can't wait to get our own copy!

Some of our readers that have enjoyed our Time Warp Wives website have also enjoyed our Time Warp Living network and our first Retro Fashion Week event. It was so lovely to meet hundreds of folks from all over the world that love retro living!

Recently we had to move our networks from Ning because they started charging for their services. Then we found which offered and promised to keep their free services. For four months were were happy guests at their home until recently. started charging, which caught us by surprise.

Although Groups paying plans are somewhat more affordable and made more sense than the paying plans that Ning had offered, we wouldn't want to stay with them because of a matter of principle. We not only felt duped by this network but we also have lost trust in them. There are so many ways networks can make a platform in today's economy without having to make drastic changes. Facebook for instance is a great example.

Do you have any ideas where we can move our networks to? We would love to hear from you! We appreciate your suggestions to help us find a new home for our networks! You are welcome to leave a comment below or email us at Thanks!

Do you enjoy watching retro T.V. shows?

Here at Time Warp Wives we are big fans of retro sleuth shows! We have enjoyed the latest Masterpiece Mysteries from PBS. Our favorites are: The sweet little old Miss Marple. The daring Hercule Poirot. And the astute Sherlock Holmes. You can watch some of the latest episodes online or on your PBS local station.

We hope that you will have a great month of November!

Best Wishes,

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson


  1. A forum is an easy solution....while you can't do as much as the community it is a great place for people to connect. phpb is my recommendation if you do decide to go with a forum.

  2. Hello Cedar,

    Thanks so much for your great recommendation! I went ahead to Phpd and found their forum neat and simple. We would definitely add this forum to our list!

    By the way best wishes on your pregnancy! May joy and happiness be with you!




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