Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Welcome dear guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

We hope that you all are having a fun great month of June! Some probably dream of having a nice vacation somewhere in a private island soaking up some sun. But sometimes just doing nothing is a vacation in itself!

Here at Time Warp Wives Headquarters we usually like to take time to do just that, nothing. Folks everywhere pay big bucks to go to an isolated retreat and relax and do nothing. Now doing nothing for free in the convenience of your own home is the best deal ever. And you know that is exactly what we have been doing, and you know what we are loving it!

Trust me sometimes it is not easy to kick back and relax. Especially with all of these modern devices that are constantly fighting for our attention. Don't you feel that we somehow have become overly preoccupied with all of these things and that we have no real face to face interaction with family and friends like we use to?

By the way your cell phone is ringing. Alright you can go ahead and answer it. Oh it's your aunt, she is calling from Hawaii. Well that's nice. Tell her that I said hi too.

As I was saying sometimes these modern conveniences can become such a nuisance. Like for instance here you are trying to talk to one of your friends about something very important. And you couldn't wait to tell her about it. And when you are about to break the news to her, her phone rings, sing, vibrate, and tut. This little unseemly inoffensive little thing just took away your thunder, your big news, your moment, and you can't take it back. Do you know what I mean?

Oh, the girls just text you about going to the movies tonight. They wanted to see if I can pick up Peggy Sue. Okay sure.

Anyhow as I was saying I decided to limit my cell phone use, computer, and T.V. viewing. I will not allow such things to interrupt wholesome time with family and friends. Instead I will use my time in worthwhile things that will enrich my life and that of others. So what do you think?

Hello, are you still there? I hate when that happens. I am so ready to change my phone company. Wait a minute, would you please excuse me?  I just received a text message: What did you wanted to tell me?

Oh well, I guess I will just have to tell you all the other main reason why I am limiting myself from these electronic devices.

To all of our Time Warp Wives Fans:  Due to some electronic sensitivity and health concerns that I have been experiencing lately in regard to the cell phone use, computer, and other electronic devices I would like to take this moment to encourage all of my fans to take preventive health safety measures against such modern devices. Now you are welcome to send me a message at anytime using Morse Code or smoke signals. Though at this moment I am limiting myself from email message, until further notice.

Take care,

This message was brought to you by your hostess,

Carmen Johnson

Serving the best in retro fun!

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