Friday, July 1, 2011


Welcome dear guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

It's July and it's time for family fun activities! Yes, folks get your tickets for the coming Summer events that are coming near you! Don't you just love Summer time! I know that I am enjoying every moment of it!

For many years folks here in Florida have dreaded the Summer heat. Sometimes the heat is so bad here that it seems like the air-conditioner seem not to be cooling enough. I always wondered how people back in the old days were able to cool off when there were no air-conditioner.

Here are several things that folks did back then:

*Many people sat on their porches to enjoy cool evenings. And sometimes people slept on their porches. 

*Similarly, those who lived in apartments often slept on the fire escape.

*Refrigerating bedsheets in the daytime.

*Hanging wet laundry in doorways. (Now I could see Lucy do this one!)

 Now that most of us do have air-conditioner in our homes the challenge is how to keep the cost down of our electric bills while keeping our homes cool. So here are some things that we have started doing here at our Time Warp Wives home:

* Keep heat from coming through the windows by doing the following things: Cover your windows with heat and UV blocking film. The same concept of covering your car windows with film works wonders in your home. Also you can buy beautiful energy saving window panels that will helps block 99% of outside light and the same time it helps to block outside noise which could be a bonus if you live in a noisy neighborhood. And of course we can't forget the basics that of just closing the blinds and pulling the drapes over the windows.

*Adding more insulation to the attic helps keep the heat from entering through the roof. We have noticed that we have a couple of rooms in our home that just don't seem to get cool enough. My Paris room and my husband's office are located where the sun hits the most. So we figure that if we added more insulation to these areas that we can keep these rooms a bit cooler and comfortable.

* Every morning after I have breakfast I go around my house and close the blinds and pull the curtains a bit in order to keep the baking sun from baking my home. And you know what it actually works!

Oh, I almost forgot to let you folks know that Vintage at London's Southbank Centre is coming up July 29-31. It will be a fun retro weekend of music, films, fashion, art, dance, and design from the 1920's era to the 1980's. For more information visit:

See ya toots! And don't forget to drop us a line once in while. We would love to hear from you!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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