Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome dear guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

We hope that you have been enjoying a wonderful month of January. I know can you believe that we are starting a new year! Whatever happened to the slow days of Summer when we had time for everything and when time seemed to last forever? That is why here at Time Warp Wives we love to take time to flavor and savor the simple and meaningful things of life. And we want our guest to also enjoy those little things that makes life worth living.

And what more than to enjoy those little things of life than to attend the 35 Art Deco Weekend. Yes, folks The Miami Design Preservation League Celebrates 35 Years of ART DECO WEEKEND! If you happen to visit Miami Beach Florida through January 13-15, 2012 you are sure to enjoy a fun treat for you and your family. For more information of the event please visit: Art Deco Weekend 2012.

And for all those fashionistas out there last year Vogue looks back 120 years of their magazine covers. It's interesting to see how taste in fashion has evolved over the years. And it's funny how some old styles have inspired many styles today. This month Vogue has an article about Downton Abbey: Edwardian Inspiration. The new season two of Downton Abbey started this month of January on PBS. And if you would like to catch up on last seasons episodes you can by watching it online for a limited time at: Masterpiece: Downton Abbey.

For several years I couldn't wear perfumes, but recently I am able to enjoy a small dab around my wrist. I have never owned a bottle of Chanel No. 5. I felt that because I just turned 40 that I should be entitled to indulge on a small luxury that I haven't enjoyed before. So before I could spend $100 on a bottle of Chanel, I first wanted to make sure that I was really a Chanel girl.

So last month while visiting the mall I wanted to test the fragrance out. So I went to the counter and sprayed it on a piece of paper. Then after smelling the fragrance several times I knew that I was a Chanel girl. But then I remembered the recent commercial of Coco Mademoiselle. I was curious to see how this fragrance compared to Chanel No. 5 So I sprayed Coco Mademoiselle on another paper. And you know what I said, "I think I love this one better."

Although I do love Coco Mademoiselle better I am divided. The reason being because Chanel No.5 is not only a wonderful and lovely fragrance as well. But it is a classic. And you know how I love classic things. So before I could spend money on any one of these two perfumes I have to decide which one I should go with. In the meanwhile I could enjoy a whiff of these two fragrances from a piece of paper, until of course it fades away.

Don't forget to drop a line once in a while. We would love to hear from you!

See ya later toots!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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