Thursday, March 1, 2012


Welcome dear guests to Time Warp Wives! We are delighted to have you over.

March is here and new things is in the air for Time Warp Wives! And we wanted to share some of it with you.

If you have not already noticed we brought our shopping segment back! Yay! This time we are calling it Time Warp Wives Consumers Guide. There you will find our window shopping experiences along with a comprehensive review listing of products, shops, restaurants, entertainment, travel, and services from around the world!

I love sweepstakes! I am sure you do too. My favorites sweepstakes are fashion, home, travel, and entertainment. Although I have yet to win anything big. I just love to imagine that one day I will. So with that in mind I will also be adding our Sweet Sweepstakes section to our new Consumers Guide page so that you too can have a chance to win something big as well!

And who doesn't love a bargain or a clearance sale. At our Consumers Guide we will share with you where and when you can't those great sales. We are sure that you will love our new section. Come along with us as we embark on our Consumers Guide tour! We will love to have you over!

Have you heard about the latest book buzz by the author Pamela Druckerman? That would be Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. You know how I love all things French. And although I don't have children I was intrigued about this book.
While Pamela was living in the French capital and going through the everyday struggles of raising children she uncovered a surprising aspect of French life. Wherever she looked in Paris, the locals seemed to be employing a je ne sais quoi (a certain something) that was making their kids behave better than typical American children. Isn't that interesting? 

Here is a radio Interview of Pamela Druckerman at NPR that I found quite fascinating. Pamela was also invited at the Today Show to talk about her interesting book and her Parisian experience.

Don't forget to drop a line once in a while. We would love to hear from you!

See ya later toots!

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the title of that book, I think I might need to read it! :)

  2. You welcome! I am always fascinated by different cultures. I always come away learning something new.


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