Friday, February 1, 2013


"I am not a girl any more.  I am a woman that has curves and that deserves respect and acknowledgement!"

Ladies are you tired of the heavy demands of being a size zero? Do you feel that fashion magazine only favors the super skinny girls for their covers? Do you wish that the fashion industry could be a little bit kinder to you and to all of your friend models and hire you for their cat walks? After all you are not a girl any more, but you are a woman that has curves and that deserves respect and acknowledgement.

Don't look further, Retro Fashion Week 2013 is here!

 And our motto is:

Unlike other fashion shows, Retro Fashion Week is all for beautiful curves, hourglass shape, and delineated feminine lines. We all know that real women comes in all shapes and sizes. And why shouldn't fashion events? It just makes complete sense. And that is what Retro Fashion Week is all about, real fashion for real women!

Retro Fashion Week welcomes all retro models and fashionistas to come and join us today at:  Retro Fashion Week 2013! 

See you there!

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