Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello to all of my beautiful guests. It is certainly great to be back! Thanks so much for your lovely emails while we were away. We appreciate your thoughts and concerns!

Although life at the moment is not quite where it supposed to be. And to quote the famous saying "The Only Constant Thing in Life is Change." Aren't we grateful to have family and friends who helps us through those bumps on the toad, I meant road (toad was a typo, but I decided to leave it there, because I found it very funny). Understand it's been a while since I have done any writing.

Just the other day I told my sister that I was going to resume my writing again, but that I felt that I had lost the rhythm of things. Not only that I am having brain fog issues lately, but my thoughts are not flowing that smoothly like they used to. It's like my brain has become a couch potato. Good thing I'm not a surgeon. Could you imagine the scenario? "Nurse, would please pass the, the... what's the name of the thing that is know the thing that is good for cutting... You know the paper and rock game? -Yes. What's the name of third item? -Oh you mean scissors?" Anyhow good thing I'm a blogger with brain fog than a doctor that forgets the name of his operating tools!

Well let's see what I have been up to lately besides being a couch potato. I had started knitting. Which by the way is very fun and relaxing. I haven't knitted anything in particular. Just the fact that I am knitting a straight line is so much fun! One of these days I may come up with something like this.  No wonder our grandmothers enjoyed this pass time. Have you ever known a crazy and violent person that knits? No, not really. This kind of craft belongs to people that either enjoy a quite relaxing time, or if you happen to be a sleuth about to solve a mystery.

All of this talk about short term memory problems and knitting reminds me of getting older. Many cultures respect and appreciate their elders. One such blogger have shown that elders can still be stylish and elegant at any age. Ari Seth Cohen is the author and photographer of Advanced Style. Ari had always appreciated the wisdom of his elders. When interviewed by Npr he said that, "the most influential people in his life were his grandmothers. He loved watching old movies with them and looking through their scrapbooks. And as a little kid, he became fascinated with the way women dressed in the 1930s, '40s and '50s. "

Ari's blog is about honoring and remembering such ones. Now these ladies on his blog are not sitting down knitting. Mind you they are not your typical grandmothers. Most of these women are active and contribute greatly to the community!

One of my favorite lady that I love is Joyce. I find that Joyce is the epitome of elegance and decorum. It is such a pleasure to listen to her!  Oh by the way you can purchase the Advanced Style book in Amazon. Recently some of the ladies of the book are shown in a new documentary. Joyce was also in the film. A couple of weeks ago I was so excited when I saw that Netflix had added the Advanced Style documentary in their latest releases! After watching the film I was so inspired. My thoughts about the Advanced Style is that age is just only a number.

For more information you can listen to Ari's Seth Cohen interview in NPR.

It was certainly nice to see you again!

 See you later toots!

 Your Hostess,

 Carmen Johnson

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