Thursday, January 1, 2015


Disneyland Circa 1960' / Source Retronaut
Hello to all of my beautiful guests. It is certainly nice having you over!

The future is certainly here! Well, it may not be quite the way that Walt Disney had visioned it, space suits and all. For instance though did you know that he had a master plan for Epcot Center? Yes, boys and girls the theme park that we know today was not originally intended to be a vacation spot. But actually a futuristic community where people were going to live in. Hence the name Epcot: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Interesting eh!

Don't you just love the photo above! This 1960's photo was taken at Disneyland Tomorrow Land. The outfits are cute and interesting. Hum, silvery boots. Personally I'll stick with cotton. Thanks!

The Back To The Future movie (my favorite movie of all times!) also depicted some rather interesting futurist outfits and also gadgets as well. When Marty traveled to the future of October 2015 he was introduced to the Hoverboard. Well, I was hoping that by this time the Hoverboard and flying cars would be around.

Wait a minute, wait a minute I take that back! The Hoverboard is here and just on time for October 2015! Yes, the name is the Hendo Hoverboard! Greg Henderson the founder of Hendo envisioned a way to employ an unexploited technology in ways others had not. He labelled this epiphany: Magnetic Field Architecture™ (MFA).

Recently the Hendo Hoverboard unveiled at Kickstarter and you know what they doubled their funding goal! For the moment the Hendo Hoverboard are only able to ride on a specific surface. And because is a recent invention it is a bit expensive. But sometime in the near future we will see many Marty's riding on their own hoverboards!

The future is indeed here!

Where we going we don't need roads!

Your Retro Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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