Sunday, February 1, 2015


Natalie Woods having a good time with this handsome stud!
Hello to all of my beautiful guests. It is certainly nice having you over!

One of my favorites treats that I enjoy watching every year is the Westminster Annual Dog Show! As you know I am a proud owner of a Jack Russell and Australian Shepard mix. Chewie my dog is a high level intelligent dog. He and I have a special bond. So many times without saying a word he knows when I am getting ready to take him for his walk, a car ride, or even to the vet. But the problem is that if my husband or I even mentioned or even spell the C-A-R word, oh boy Chewie jumps up down thinking that he is going to go for a car ride. What a smart kid! That is something that I didn't know about this mix breed, they are very intelligent!

Most dogs were bred to work. I wasn't aware that my dog was a hunter until he would go after other small animals. But you see we don't live in the country were there are cattle and horses and rabbits so that he could hunt. We live in a city. So if you do decide to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier or an Australian Shepard be prepared to have a schedule were your dog will have plenty of exercise and fun activities. Something that I have to still try doing more regularly. If you don't take care of your dog basic needs like Caesar Millan would say, "Exercise, Discipline, and Love he could end up a very unhappy dog.

Throughout the years I have found that having a dog around has brought me so much happiness and joy. Especially at times when I was sick and had to stay at home. How wonderful is to have a four legged friend that keep you company and show that unconditional love to you!

I saw some cute retro stuff online for your canine friend that I am sure your going to love. Do you have an old suitcase laying around? Well isn't this Old Suitcase Dog Bed from Victorian Trading totally cool! And from Plasticland there is the cutest metal Dog Biscuits box. I also found a stylish retro place mat. And I was thinking about getting new food bowls for Chewie. I had to add this cute Dog and Gramophone Salt and Pepper. At Active Dog Toys  they have great activities toys that will keep your dog both physically and mentally sharp.

So on February 17, 2015 I will be relaxing and enjoying the 139th Westminster Dog Show along with my four legged friend! Afterwards we will be trying some new tricks! For ideas I like the Dog Time website. And for more information on their other upcoming shows visit the website:

See ya later toots,

Your Hostess,

Carmen Johnson

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