Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello there to all of our retro friends! We hope that you are having a splendid day. We are delighted to have you over.

The Summer heat, humidity and afternoon storms are in full swing here in Florida. One minute is as hot as a oven, and the other minute is like the floodgates of the heavens are completely opened. The water has been covering our front lawn to the point that its' nearly impossible to walk through. Having a small boat with a couple of paddles around would not be a bad idea. In this crazy day and age the weather is more unpredictable than ever.

Now that we cover our weather forecast for the day. It's August and that means that a fun lawn party is on it's way! Nope trust me it's not going to be in my front yard, but it would be somewhere even better. Drum roll please:

Michael Aranella & His Dreamland Orchestra Presents The Eight Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party at  the Governors Island in New York! Yes ladies and gents of the 1920's generation it's time to get your flapper outfits and dancing shoe out and enjoy a swell sweet time at the Jazz Age Lawn Party! The dates are August 17 & 18, 2013. For more information and where to purchase tickets please visit: Jazz Age Lawn Party.

For many that are going to attend this party for the first time may wonder what to wear on such occasion. Don't worry they are plenty of photos available of past Lawn Party events. In addition if you have not yet purchase your attire there are many shops online that carry flapper style clothing. You might find the following links helpful:

Jazz Age Lawn Party Gallery
Yahoo Images
Unique Vintage
Etsy Flapper DressesFlapper HairpieceFlapper Shoes
Village Hat Shop: Panama HatsCloche Hats

Here is a glimpse of June's Lawn Party:

How fun was that!

If you would like to learn some dance moves from this era Roddy Caravella also known as Charleston Charlie is the dance teacher for you. Mr. Caravella specializes in authentic jazz dances of the 1920's. He has been teaching and performing social jazz dances for the past 20 years. To learn more why not swing by and visit his website:

Don't forget to drop us a letter when you can. We would love to hear from you! Have a great month!

 See ya later toots!

 Your Hostess,

 Carmen Johnson

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